What areas of your life do you want to finally get in check?

Organize your home (or car, or office). I can help you conquer that out of control space you've been avoiding for far too long!

Consulting Fee:  $50

Can be applied to first organizing session.


House Checking

Want to have more peace of mind?

  I know that having a second home checked on (watering plants, taking in mail or garbage cans, or even checking on animals) can be overwhelming. Allow me to help relieve your stress while you're away.

Ask for new service: Pantry Stocking so you don't have to go food shopping your first day at the beach!

Starts at $20.

Sussex County, DE


Annoyed with all those little things you have to complete each week?

So much to do! There is a way to take the small stuff off your plate so you can focus on more important tasks. Let me do some errands for you. 

$20/hour (as many as I can accomplish). 

This also goes for driving you to and from appointments.